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Debt Review/Counselling can provide a lifeline to heavily indebted consumers. However, the process has suffered from backlash over the years due to disgruntled consumers who did not follow through with the process and/or unscrupulous Debt Counsellors.  In order for you to have a better idea if Debt Review is for you, we have put together a list of some of the pros and cons of Debt Review:



Your overall monthly payments to your credit providers are less than prior to you being on Debt Review

Once you apply for Debt Review you receive immediate immunity meaning that your assets are protected from repossession

Your creditors are obliged to deal directly with your Debt Counsellor and may not bombard you with requests for payments

During your Debt Review journey your credit providers may not sue you

You make only one monthly payment to a “Payment Distribution Agency”, which distributes the funds amongst your creditors.  This cuts out the burden of payment on you

Once you have completed Debt Review your record is cleared and you may apply for credit with ease

It is a tried and tested method of achieving financial freedom and restoring your credit record back to health



Your credit report will show that you are under Review therefore, you will not be able to get credit during your Debt Review journey

You cannot use your credit cards or overdraft facilities while under Debt Review

It might take a bit longer than the original credit agreements to pay off your debts seeing as you are paying reduced sums towards creditors


It is important to note that every consumer’s circumstances are different. Your financial situation will determine whether Debt Review is an option for you or not.  We are trusted professionals in the industry who can give you individualistic advice. Contact us today for a free assessment.


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